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Fire Department Garage Door Models

Fire department garage doors by Arm-R-Lite have been installed in over 40 states. FIre Departments choose Arm-R-Lite because we provide the most options and can work within any budget.

Arm-R-Lon Model

The Arm-R-Lon Model fiberglass fire station garage door is available in sizes up to 24’ wide. The Arm-R-Lon utilizes a corrosion resistant frame and fiberglass panels to achieve a lightweight and corrosion resistant assembly. Fiberglass panels are standard flat white, however custom options such as clear, frosted, or colored panels are available.

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Max Width up to 24’ wide
Rail and stiles constructed of aluminum alloy
Flat white fiberglass panels – standard
Mill finish – standard

Glazing Options:

Arm-R-Lon fiberglass fire station garage doors are available with our standard flat white non-insulated fiberglass panels. Custom panel options such as insulated fiberglass and clear or colored panels are also available for upcharge.

Finish Options:

Arm-R-Lite offers four finish options for our fiberglass fire station garage doors in addition to our mill finish standard to accommodate any finish color request.

  • Anodized Finishes: Standard anodized finishes are clear and dark bronze. Arm-R-Lite also offers custom anodized finishes such as champagne and black.Anodized finishes carry a 20 year warranty, unless installation is within 1 mile of salt water.
  • Kynar®/Duranar® Coatings: Duranar® coatings for fire department garage doors are highly recommended if a color is a custom match or if there are any concern about color fading. Kynar®/Duranar® finishes carry a 20 year warranty, unless installation is within 1 mile of salt water.
  • RAL Powder Coats: Arm-R-Lite also offers fire department garage doors with standard RAL powder coats with and without the option for a protective clear coat against fading. RAL powder coats are warrantied for 1 year, unless installation is within 1 mile of salt water.
  • Faux Wood Finishes: Fire department garage doors in historical areas or specified in carriage house stile may want to have their aluminum doors finished to look like wood. Faux wood finishes are warrantied for 10 years, unless within 1 mile of salt water.