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Custom Options for Firehouse Doors

Custom firehouse door options

Available Options for Custom Firehouse Doors

Arm-R-Lite offers our customers hundreds of custom options including custom glazing, panels, finish, frame layout, windloading, pass doors, awning windows to name a few.


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    Finish Options

    Arm-R-Lite offers four finish options on our Firehouse doors. 20 year warranty anodizes, 20 year warranty Kynar® finishes, 1 year warranty powdercoats, and 10 year warranty faux wood finishes. Color charts and information on available finishes can be accessed by clicking the link below

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    Glazing and Panel Options

    Just as all firehouses come in different shapes and sizes, so to does the glazing and panel options on Arm-R-Lite’s firehouse doors. We offer hundreds of glass options, glass alternatives, and panel options to meet the needs of today’s architects and designers as well as the men and women who will be working with our doors day in and day out. Please click the link below to access our glass and panel gallery for more information about our firehouse door offerings.

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    Custom Modifications

    Custom Modifications such as sloping bottom bars, awning windows, or man doors can allow architects more freedom in planning for new or renovated sites. To access our most up-to-date custom modification options for our firehouse doors, please click on the link below to reach the directory.

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