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December 2019
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Custom Options for your Fire Station Garage Door

Arm-R-Lite has been offering customized Fire Station Garage Doors for more than 50 years. Join our VP, Debbie Myers, and our Marketing Assistant, Felicia Bacchus, for a podcast about what you can do to make your Fire Station garage door stand out from the crowd.

Breather Tubes on Insulated Fire Station Glass Doors

Breather or Capillary tubes are sometimes required on Fire Station glass garage doors. The use of these tubes is restricted to projects that fall within a 3,000 ft or higher elevation above sea level. How Do Breather Tubes Work on Fire Station Glass Garage Doors? breather tubes are inserted into the spacer of the insulated […]

Impact Resistant Glass on Fire Station Doors

Many new fire station glass garage doors are at the mercy of local code requirements regarding impact resistance and windload. With regard to impact resistant glazing; Arm-R-Lite offers two unique solutions to our customers Impact Glass on Fire Station Doors Arm-R-Lite has two distinct and very different glass options available for locations that require more […]

Arm-R-Lite Fire Station Door Glass Retainers

Glass retainers for fire station garage doors are unique to each manufacturer. Where one may screw in their retainer another my use glues or tapes to hold their glass or panels into their frames. Arm-R-Lite’s aluminum and glass fire station doors use a simple dual component system to ensure the glass or panels are secured […]

How Often Should I Have My Fire Station Door Serviced?

For fire stations, an operable and safe overhead door is required. First responders are racing the clock to save lives and should not have to work with a malfunctioning or worn out fire station doors. Proper service can save time, money, and provide piece of mind in such a stressful environment. Garage Door Safety Month: […]

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is most often the recommended glazing type in fire station overhead doors. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass and will break into small, square pieces when broken. This feature makes it less likely to lacerate an individual that comes into contact with the broken pieces. Tempering glass involves the use of […]

Frosted Glass Fire Department Doors

Frosted glass fire department doors can be a stunning addition to any station or community. However, there is more to frosted glass than meets the eye and sometimes one type will be a better fit for a particular project than another. Frosted Glass in Fire Department Doors Frosted glass is made by sandblasting or acid etching the […]

Laminated Firehouse Garage Door Glass

Firehouse glass garage doors can be fitted with countless glass options. One of the more popular choices  is laminates. Laminate glass offers safety and security while also catering to the custom needs of specific firehouse. What is Laminated Firehouse Garage Door Glass? Laminated firehouse door glass is a type of safety glass since it will hold together when […]

Sloped Bottom Fire Department Garage Doors

Not every fire department has ideal opening conditions. Some are exceptionally wide or tall where others might have low headroom or an obstruction positioned in a difficult spot. One condition in particular can be difficult to overcome; sloped or uneven thresholds. Fire Department Garage Doors Sloped for Uneven Threshold A sloped opening severely limits the […]

Windloaded Fire Station Garage Doors

Spanning widths up to 32’ feet when using Arm-R-Lite, fire station garage doors are exposed to all kind of weather conditions, including hurricanes and other high wind events. June 2016 kicks off the Atlantic Hurricane season, however this year has seen at least (1) hurricane formation already. Hurricane Alex formed nearly five months before the […]