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Fire Department Garage Door Models

Fire department garage doors by Arm-R-Lite have been installed in over 40 states. FIre Departments choose Arm-R-Lite because we provide the most options and can work within any budget.

4″ Step Over Pass Door

Arm-R-Lite offers our standard 4” step over firehouse pedestrian door for our welded aluminum and glass models as a non-public egress option. This pass door is perfect for non-emergency bays for easy access into and out of a commercial. Step over pass doors are not to be used as public egress or emergency exits as there is a minimum 4” step over bottom rail beneath the door which can pose a tripping hazard.

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Firehouse Pedestrian Specifications

  • Electra Model with pass door available up to 12’-2” wide
  • Titan Model with pass door available up to 16-2 wide
  • Custom CI Model with pass door available up to 18-2 wide
  • Consult factory regarding headroom requirements for your specific door size and weight.
  • Pass door is not applicable in assemblies over 18’-2” wide.
  • Floor must be level – pass door is not applicable with sloped sections or on uneven floors
  • Pass door can be located in center of sectional door or to the left or right – consult factory for details.
  • Pass door is designed to “swing out” only.
  • Sectional door is fitted with standard hardware – consult factory regarding custom hardware or panic bars for the pass door.
  • Windload values for sectional doors are void when fitted with pass doors.

Pass Door width is standard 36", please consult factory regarding custom sizes.
Available in solid panel or 1/8" glazing only - no insulated units are available in pedestrian doors.

Up to 12-2 wide
Titan Model
Up to 16-2 wide
Titan Model
Up to 18-2 wide
Custom CI Model